We are,
PT. SGT Bersatu Indonesian

Located in Pati, Jawa Tengah Indonesia. We produce 100% coconut shell high quality briquette for BBQ, incense (Bahkoor), and shisha. We guaranty high quality products by employing professional team and using productive machines.

As our factory is customer focused, we take care of our valued customer, following our vision that our customer is our partner, and success of our customer is considered as our own success, we do our best to provide our customer with the best quality and highly professional commitment. We try to build a long-term relationship with our customer in an open and comfortable atmosphere and highly contact to understand our customers’ request and meet their needs.

to meet our customers’ needs we produced customized products with different sizes, shapes, and packaging.
also we provide all shipping services and keep in contact with our customer from ordering until receiving the goods and getting feedback.

we do our best to offer the best quality and the best service to our customers in a comfortable atmosphere built on trust and commitment.